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Architectural Tilt-Up

Summit Concrete provides premier Architectural Tilt- Up design and construction services in the Kansas City area. Summit’s pioneering work in the field of Tilt-Up construction wins our partners more business and saves building owners more money than conventional
construction and building techniques.

Architectural Tilt-Up construction is known for cost-effectiveness and shorter completion schedules, and as our extensive gallery of work proves, Tilt-Up is for much more than just warehouses and big-box stores. Summit Concrete has built beautiful multi-story office buildings, retail spaces with stunning brick or EIFS exteriors, energy-efficient schools, and welcoming places of worship.

Our on-site construction process overcomes the size and transportation limits of prefabricated options and allows for a dynamic and accelerated construction schedule, with multiple stages of the build process happening simultaneously. 

Our partnership ensures that buyers experience an affordable capital construction option that provides a lower overall cost of ownership over the long-term. Summit provides more than just Tilt-Up as an option; we provide complete Building Shell Systems.


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