“The longer you own a building, the greater the impact of inefficient operating costs and maintenance concerns. In many cases, these operating and maintenance issues are the result of decisions made solely based on … cost during initial design and construction. Therefore, the best ways to reduce total cost of building ownership are to choose wisely and incorporate operating efficiency and low-maintenance finishes into the design and construction of the building. A decision to select the tilt-up building product provides the best of both worlds by allowing you to build in long-term cost efficiencies, while keeping initial capital costs to a minimum.”

David Tomasula – Principal, LJB Inc.

Tilt-Up Today, July 9, 2019

Architectural Tilt-Up offers incredible benefits to both contractors and buyers that go well beyond the initial potential for cost and schedule savings.

The vapor barrier in concrete panels is superior to that of other wall or building shell systems, so the possibility of moisture penetration and resulting issues is lessened significantly.

Finishes, such as thin inlayed brick, exposed aggregate, and other architectural features can easily be added to panels, providing unique exteriors desired in a variety of industries.

Compared to traditional brick or stone construction, cast-in masonry features in Architectural Tilt-Up have much lower maintenance costs over time with no need for traditional cleaning or repair.

Even without added masonry features, paints or other finishes can be easily applied to Tilt-Up panels. Future alterations to the building appearance may be as simple as a fresh coat of paint.

Panel repainting allows for more-extensive alterations – such as adding or removing doors and windows – without the need for a noticeable patch.

Insulated sandwich panels provide greater energy efficiency, keeping air on the inside at the desired comfortable temperature, and keeping outside air where it belongs: outside.

Simply put, concrete strengthens with age. Deterioration, cracking, and many of the standard maintenance headaches that come with standard construction techniques, wall systems, and masonry are eliminated with Architectural Tilt-Up.

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