Architectural Tilt-Up

Our Value Proposition

Summit Concrete is Kansas City’s leader in Architectural Tilt-Up and complete Building Shell Solutions.

You know our crew and our commitment to the highest-quality concrete construction.

You’ve seen our expertise on display all throughout the Kansas City Metro area.

And now you know why Architectural Tilt-Up is a superior solution. We can build for any industry. We can save your buyers time. We can save your buyers money. And we can save your buyers on maintenance and energy costs over the long-term.

Right now, you’re struggling to differentiate – to set yourself apart from your competition. You may be selling based on price, or on quality, or on schedule. So is all of your competition. And in the absence of meaningful differentiation, buyers make decisions
based on price alone.

That’s where the Summit Advantage makes a difference. With a Summit Concrete Building Shell System, you can differentiate your proposal from every other contractor and competitor on a project.
The Summit Advantage gives you the opportunity to educate your potential buyers about the price, quality, and scheduling advantages of Architectural Tilt-Up concrete versus conventionally designed and
constructed envelopes of structural steel and cavity walls.

Architectural Tilt-Up meets the most-rigid requirements for energy efficiency, and often, the Summit Advantage allows you to beat your
competitors’ pricing by as much as 10 to 12 percent, with the significant added benefit of a shortened construction schedule.

It’s important to assess which projects may be viable to convert from a conventional design to an Architectural Tilt-Up building shell, and we’ll be happy to help you review some successful project conversions.

Here’s our commitment to you: the first General Contractor to contact us to develop an Architectural Tilt-Up solution will be our only GC partner on that project.

The Summit Advantage makes us unique. And we want the Summit Advantage to make you unique, as well.

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